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November 19, 2008

Reliability Tools in a Capital Project from FEL I through Execution Workshop at IMC-2008 only

by Bob DiFrancesco, ARMS Reliability Engineers

Time was that a major capital project was judged strictly by schedule and budget coherence. In many cases this is sadly still the case.

Some organizations like IPA now suggest that best in class capital projects go a step further. Project teams are going beyond the HAZOP utilizing Reliability Tools to interrogate a projects design. The typical tools include Reliability Block Logic Diagrams, Reliability Centered Maintenance and Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

The closer to the conceptual phase of a project that tools are introduced the greater impact they can have on the assets’ long term success. In the best case they can impact Reliability in Design by identifying potential critical design improvements that will improve the assets availability. At latter stages they can identify maintenance requirement bottlenecks that impact availability.

If identified early enough in the FEL process critical bottlenecks can be eliminated by cost effective design changes, if not they are identified for future asset enhancements. At the very least the tools can develop an optimized asset management plan so the overall availability of the equipment and the necessary resources to operate and maintain it are understood prior to commissioning.

The workshop will outline how the tools are used during each project phase and what deliverables are generated.

Limited space so sign up today. Please call a Reliabilityweb.com conference specialist toll free (888) 575 1245 or…

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November 19, 2008

Optimizing Preventive Maintenance in 9 Minutes of less

Reliability 101 – Part 4
By Ricky Smith, CMRP

Hopefully you have viewed Reliability 101 – Parts 1, 2, and 3 …. You are going to find Part 4 really awesome.

This session goes behind the secret curtain of the maintenance world and exposes a resource intensive problem most companies face -Preventive Maintenance.

In Part 4 we answer the big question “does your PM program provide the results you expect?”. Most managers would tell you they either don’t know or the answer is “NO, their PM program is not providing the results they expect”. Basically, it’s because they aren’t as aware as they should be, they haven’t Defined the Tasks that are causing all the troubles!

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November 19, 2008

The SAP Integration Portal - A Complete Toolkit for the Reliability Engineer

A recorded webinar - playback available on demand

The SAP Integration Portal will help SAP Plant Maintenance users seamlessly transfer data from your specific SAP instance as well as Isograph’s Availability Workbench - RCMCost module so as implementation of your results can be efficient, effective and actioned every time you make an investment into a Reliability project.

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November 19, 2008

Nuclear Pump Bearing Testing

Nuclear power plants depend on electric motor-driven pumps to circulate coolant through a closed system of pipes to help dissipate excess heat. These machines, called reactor coolant pumps, RCPs, must be monitored continuously to ensure dependable operation. RTDs located on the pump’s bearings measure temperature and send the signal to an automatic alarm and control system that quickly alerts operators of any change in status. RCP bearings are likely suspects for failures, which could delay power production and cause the plant to lose significant revenues. One failure mode is a bearing seal that leaks lubricant and can become a fire hazard. Because of their importance, RCP bearings are a high priority component to watch, and usually, multiple sensors serve each bearing to provide a certain amount of redundancy.

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November 19, 2008

Maintenance and the Economic Crisis Study

Reliabilityweb.com is conducting a study to determine the effect of the recent economic downturn on the maintenance and reliability community.

Your participation will assist us in bringing you information during 2009 to help cope with situation as well as possible.

The study includes 12 questions - is 100% anonymous and private.

Take 5 minute to complete the Maintenance and the Economic Crisis Study survey

November 19, 2008

Mikron's SpyGlass Lens and economical Viewports

Hotspots in electrical cabinets can be quickly pinpointed while circuits are energized and under load, using Mikron’s SpyGlass Lens and economical Viewports.

The Viewport is UL-rated and approved for installation at the OEM level or as a retrofit in the field.

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November 19, 2008

Interview with an Arc Flash Survivor

On August 16th, 2007 Bill Giffen was involved in an Arc Flash incident with a 13,800 Volt Switch. He received 3rd degree burns to his left leg and 2nd degree burns to his arm, back and groin area.

Reliabilityweb.com publisher Terrence O’Hanlon caught up with Mr. Giffen 2 weeks before his scheduled visit to IMC-2008 the 23rd International Maintenance Conference to share his story with us.

Listen to an Interview with an Arc Flash Survivor

November 19, 2008

Uptime Magazine October/November Digital Issue Online

• Feature: Creating an Oasis - Asset Management in the Arabian Gulf by James W. Davis

• 2008 PdM Program of the Year Award Winners: Profiles in Excellence

• Info Tech: Keeping It Simple - The Implications & Importance of Easy Data Entry & Retrieval in EAM Systems by Michael Israel

• Infrared: What You Should Know Before you Buy - A Guide to Buying an Infrared Camera by Paula Bowie

• Lubrication: Foundation First - The Building Blocks to Creating an Effective Plant Lubrication Program by Paul Dufresne, CMRP, CPMM

• Maintenance Management: Cooperation is Key - The Operator’s Role in Achieving Equipment Reliability by Heinz P. Bloch, P.E.

• Motor Testing: Reliability, Maintenance, Energy, Environment - Considerations in Electric Motor Repair vs. Replace Decisions by Howard W. Penrose, PhD

• Precision Maintenance: Shaft vs. Foot Alignment Tolerances - A Critique of Various Approaches by Alan Luedeking

• Reliability: Turning A Blind Eye - RCM & the Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown by Neil Bloom

• Ultrasound: Leaks, Motors and Bearings - Ultrasound is Well Suited for Many Varying Applications by Jim Hall

• Vibration: Case of the Whirling Pump - Finding Hidden Machinery Faults With Operating Deflection Shape Analysis by Daniel T. Ambre

Uptime Magazine October/November Digital Issue Online