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February 28, 2007

Optimizing MRO Inventory- The Benefits for Maintenance

An iPresentation Tutorial by Ron Schroder, Inventory Solutions Inc.
Running time: 5 minutes

The main goal for Maintenance is to insure safe, efficient, uninterrupted production. How can improving the management of the spare parts inventory help Maintenance achieve that goal? There are multiple reasons; some obvious, some less clear but all are valid and important to achieving that goal especially in today’s world of budget cuts, under staffing and multi-tasking. Best practices suggest using a proven, decision support tool that allows for both a proactive approach which minimizes expedited orders and downtime and the ability to make a quick replenishment decision with confidence.

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February 28, 2007

PdM Managers Workshop #2 The Functions of a PdM Program in the Overall Maintenance Strategy

Please join Jack R. Nicholas Jr., CMRP for the 2nd of a 10 part series of Predictive Maintenance Program Management scheduled for March 16 at 11 am EST. There is no cost to participate in the Web Workshop.

In the 2nd workshop Jack discusses:

* The Function of a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) Program
* Reliability and Maintenance Strategies
* US Navy Submarine Case Study
* Saint Johns River Power Park Case Study
* Living Root Cause Analysis Process
* Smart PM & PdM

There are several polls conducted throughout the Web Workshop that provide a real time snap shot of attendees PdM practices. Results will be discussed to highlight workshop lessons.

PdM Managers Workshop #2

February 28, 2007

Maintenance Overtime

From a recent post at MaintenanceForums.com

One of the most common remarks I get from people I teach, is they often tell me that if we follow what you are teaching and our equipment’s reliability improve then we ain’t working on overtime no more, and if our line definitely improves then they can cut manpower resources on maintenance and I might loose my job.

How would you address this situation?

Kindly be in my shoes when you answer this post, as I come from a third world country where unemployment is a big problem. Perhaps in other countries such as yours you can get a job easily, so this is not often an issue to the maintenance people after all.

Appreciate any feedback here.

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February 28, 2007

Stuck in Reactive Maintenance and Stuck in the Snow?

Dig out from both at RCM-2007 The Reliability Centered Maintenance Managers’ Forum on April 3-6 in sunny Hawaii.

Participate in 2 days of RCM workshops with leading subject matter experts like Mac Smith, Steve Turner, Michael Drew, Bob Latino, Joel Levitt, Doug Plucknette, Mark Galley and Alan Katchmar.

Then spend 2 days learning from the RCM experiences of Cargill, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, Holcim Cement, US Army, Arnold Engineering Development Center and more.

RCM-2007 attendees can can also participate in EAM-2007 - The Enterprise Asset Management Forum with a focus on managing the information to manage a maintenance and reliability program.

Hotel discounts end March 1 so register today by calling toll free (888) 575 1245 or…

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February 28, 2007

Benchmarking Lubrication Practices Part 1 - Vendor Selection Process

You are invited to participate in the first of a 9 part Lubrication Practices Benchmarking Study produced by Mike Johnson, CMRP and Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP, Reliabilityweb.com.

Vendor Selection is the first key component that must be in place prior to putting together the program. Within the vendor selection program there are four parts to successful lubrication program management. These include:

1) General Criteria for selecting lubrication vendors;
2) Product Performance Criteria;
3) Service Criteria;
4) Logistical Concerns.

Each part to this KPI is weighted equally.

Please use your best efforts to answer as accurately as possible.

If you are a service provider/contractor please answer for your largest client.

Yes answers score 1 point. We suggest you keep a running point total manually as additional information will be published with scoring keys and more detailed assessment methodologies.

You may take this survey anonymously or you may provide your contact details if you would like an advanced copy of the study report and action recommendations.

Benchmarking Your Lubrication Practices

February 28, 2007

Time Management For Maintenance Professionals Audio CD

Maintenance can be a pressure cooker. Emergencies, short staffing, vendor problems, high customer expectations all contribute to be stressors on the job. While removing the stressors is impossible, changing your attitude might be possible.

A person who feels mastery over his/her environment transforms the `bad’ stress into good excitement. Workings on time management as a skill helps people feel mastery. The goal is not to feel in control because that is an illusion. The goal of time management is feeling that you can master anything that comes at you.

This special audio CD and e-Book by maintenance expert Joel Levitt includes a one hour presentation, a comprehensive printable e-Book (PDF) and several practical exercises to begin your journey toward mastering time in your life.

In stock for immediate delivery

February 28, 2007

Ultrasound & Lubrication

An iPresentation Tutorial by Allan Rienstra, SDT North America

Everyone knows that implementing and following best practices in lubrication is a fundamental part of a machine’s reliability yet there are still lots of machine failures related to poor lubrication.

Usually lubrication performance is evaluated through laboratory analysis and temperature monitoring. But greases are difficult to analyze after being used and a temperature rise is not always indicative of a marginal lubrication condition.

Now, thanks to ultrasound monitoring there are new and more reliable ways to evaluate the performance of lubrication.

Lubrication is always a hot topic in reliability circles and everyone is becoming more aware of the use of acoustics for optimizing lubrication. In this short presentation I would like to show you how ultrasound is a wonderful tool to compliment your lubrication program.

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February 28, 2007

Reliability Centered Maintenance Meets Enterprise Asset Management – Avoiding the Disconnect

A Special Publisher Feature by Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP

Ever wonder why there is such a huge disconnect between your CMMS/EAM Software vendor and the reliability and maintenance work that actually takes place on the plant floor?

Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to a major Enterprise Asset Management vendor event. The event included product managers, programmers, implementation specialists, marketing staff and trainers. They were seeking answers to what the future held for maintaining physical assets and I guessed that is why they invited me. There were no clients or users at this meeting.

After two days of meetings – some interesting presentations and some not – they turned to me and asked if I had anything I would like to present to the group? Not one to ever turn down a chance to address a captive audience or to influence the thinking of 75 people who supply a large percentage of the software that accounts for maintenance – I quickly accepted.

I asked for a show of hands of those who had heard of Reliability Centered Maintenance. More…

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February 21, 2007

The Manufacturing Game in Hawaii

The Reliability Centered Maintenance Manager’s Forum
April 3-6, 2007
Sheraton Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

Workshop #9
The Manufacturing Game

The Manufacturing Game is a proven tool for engaging the workforce in defect elimination. It gives participants a bird’s eye view of a manufacturing facility. They experience in a short time what could take years to experience in the “real world.” Actions launched as part of a workshop have typically resulted in 40% fewer failures and a third lower costs. Delivering world-class performance requires the engagement of the majority of the workforce in eliminating small defects before they become performance-limiting problems. The Manufacturing Game inspires front-line workers to take action to eliminate defects, product rework and waste and the reactive work that these defects create.

The Manufacturing Game has been used by over 175 companies worldwide and 29,000 people. DuPont, BP, Honda, Whirlpool and ExxonMobil are a few of the companies that have used The Manufacturing Game to reduce failures and lower costs.

The workshop is designed to be attended by maintenance managers, mechanics, operations managers, supervisors, operators, planners, schedulers, inspectors, reliability managers, reliability specialist, materials procurement personnel, trainers and IT providers who need to better understand how maintenance and operations work in the plant.

Seating is limited so register early. Hotel discounts end March 1.

Call +1 (305) 735-3746 or…

Find out more about workshops and case studies at the RCM-2007 web site

February 21, 2007

Predictive Motor Testing In The Field

Posted at MaintenanceForums.com

I was wanting to know if anyone has an opinion on which test equipment is better for field testing of AC Electric motors.

There are a lot of vendors out there and I want to make sure our money is spend on the best equipment. I guess the three main companies I have been looking at are PDMA, BAKER, and ALL-TEST. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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