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October 26, 2005

IMC-2005 Certificate Workshops

The 20th International Maintenance Conference™
“Mastering The Maintenance Process”
December 6-9, 2005 - Tampa Florida

Enhance your IMC-2005 learning experience by registering for pre- and/or post-conference workshops. IMC-2005 already provides 12 hours toward CMRP and other professional Re-certification. Each workshop is valued at 6 additional hours of credit toward CMRP Re-certification. A certificate will be provided for each workshop.

You can register for each individual workshop or save money by choosing a 3 or 4 day IMC-2005 conference pass.

Workshop courses include:

• 5 Pillars: Maintenance & Reliability Professional Review
by Dave Krings CMRP

• Best Practices Maintenance Management
by Terry Wireman, CMRP, CPMM

• Sustainable Inventory Reduction Workshop
by Philip Slater

• Physical Asset Optimization
by John Mitchell

• Lean Maintenance
by Ricky Smith, CMRP, Maxzor

• Lubrication Best Practices
by Ray Thibault, CLS, OMA

• Introduction to Infrared Thermography for Managers
by John Snell, Level 3 IR

• Root Cause Analysis -
Improving Performance for Bottom Line Results
by Robert J. Latino

• Developing Key Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance
by Terry Wireman, CMRP

• Procedure Based Maintenance
Procedure and Checklist Development Workshop
by Jack Nicholas Jr., CMRP

• Integrating Ultrasonics into a PdM program
by James Hall

• Change Management for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
by Steve Thomas

• Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Oil Analysis
by Ray Thibault CLS OMA and Kevan Slater and Paul Goldman and Ray Dalley

• The Reliability Game
by Tim White, MRG

Registration Hotline
Toll Free (US Only): 888-575-1245
Intl Tel: 305-735-3746

Discount hotel rooms are available at the Tampa Marriott Waterside till November 1 - so please book today!

Register for IMC-2005 online

October 26, 2005

Recent discussions at MaintenanceForums.com

Join the most active maintenance and reliability professional forum on the web. Here are some of the discussion taking place just this week:

• RCM for forklifts
• Proactively managing instrument calibration intervals
• Scope of DRF and AF – Magnetic vs. non-magnetic?
• Envelope Spectrum question
• DC drive vibration problem
• Frick refrigeration compressors
• Transformer lug connection
• What makes a thermographer?

MaintenanceForums.com is a Commercial Free Zone and Privacy is assured.

Post a question or answer at MaintenanceForums.com

October 26, 2005


A New Book By Stephen J. Thomas
2005, 356 pages, Illustrated, ISBN 0-8311-3190-X, $41.95

This unique and innovative book explains how to improve your maintenance and reliability performance at the plant level by changing the organization’s culture. It is specifically intended for middle managers in the manufacturing and process industries. This book demystifies the concept of organizational culture and links it with the eight elements of change: leadership, work process, structure, group learning, technology, communication, interrelationships, and rewards. If you want to break the cycle of failed improvement programs and instead use cultural change to help make significant and lasting improvements in plant performance, this book will show you how.

Distinctive Features You’ll Find…

• Explains in-depth the eight elements of change and how they relate to cultural change.
• Discusses cultural change with a reliability focus.
• Presents the subject in a way that middle managers will be able to understand and apply.
• Includes a PowerPoint presentation with audio on the enclosed CD-ROM, together with a web survey model, the Web of Organizational Change.

SPECIAL OFFER…receive a 15% discount by providing special offer code RW2-05 when checking out! Offer expires February 28, 2006. To place your order or for more information go to http://www.industrialpress.com/en/item.asp?BookID=207.

Read Chapter 3: Vision and Mission

October 26, 2005

Mastering Excellence in Machinery Lubrication

December 6-9, 2005
Tampa Florida

LubricationWorld is an event where lubrication professionals learn from each other through a series of informative learning sessions, short courses, best practices sessions, networking opportunities and a wide selection of full day workshops.

Participants will discover exciting new ideas and learn helpful techniques for machinery lubrication, contamination control, oil analysis, sampling, motor bearings, gearboxes, compressors, synthetic lubricants and more.

Discount Hotel rooms are available till November 1 so please book today.

Call toll free (888) 575-1245 or…

Learn more about LubricationWorld online

October 26, 2005

Using Airborne Ultrasound to Complement Vibration Analysis For Machinery Condition Monitoring

by Thomas J. Murphy C. Eng., Adash 3TP Limited, UK

This paper reviews the results of testing performed using the SDT170 portable ultrasonic detector as an intelligent sensor to work with a portable vibration data collector as a means of improving certain diagnostic functions. (250K PDF)

Download a PDF version of this paper

October 26, 2005

A Guide to Measuring Reliability - Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

By Ricky Smith, CMRP, IVARA

Most companies do not measure Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). Yet, it is one of the first and most basic measurements you can use to measure reliability.

What I expect you will find if you measure MTBF would be the locations of some obvious “bad actors” – assets which you should target for reliability improvement. I have always stated, “80% of company’s resources go to 20% of their assets”. The question is, on which 20% do you need to be focusing?

You will be surprised at how easy it is to focus-in on the worst performing assets. I also expect you’ll achieve results quickly due to your organization’s focus changing from emergency repair work and daily distracters to improving reliability on the real problem assets, those causing you your biggest losses.

Request your copy of the “Mean Time Between Failure User Guide”

October 26, 2005

Machine Train Alignment

An iPresentation Tutorial by Deron Jozokos, Ludeca

The alignment of machine trains can be an exhausting and lengthy task.

This 11 minute iPresentation tutorial takes a look at the practical and theoretical aspects of achieving excellent machine train alignment while maximizing efficiency and minimizing frustration. A current media player is required for narration playback.

Start your iPresentation now

October 26, 2005

Procedure Based Maintenance

by Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., P.E., CMRP of MQS LLC

This paper introduces a compelling argument for development of and adherence to procedure based maintenance when implementing and executing a modern program to ensure maximum capacity of a plant and reliability of its equipment. The argument is based on a new analysis of four (4) statistically significant failure profile distribution studies over the period of the last 40 years, the latest of which was completed in 2001. While all of the studies involve failure profiles in mobile platforms (two for commercial aircraft, and one each for surface warships and nuclear powered attack submarines) the conclusions that can be drawn from them apply equally to fixed facilities, commercial transportation systems and utility infrastructures of all types. It also applies to categories of equipment such as motors. The author will estimate the odds of ensuring a decline in reliability by assuming what we used to think were “truisms” about failure profiles in equipment. Several case studies are included to emphasize how these findings cross over to manufacturing, utility, and government equipment and systems. More…

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