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October 19, 2005

Introduction to Infrared Thermography for Managers - Pre-Conference Workshop

The 20th International Maintenance Conference
December 6-9
Tampa Florida

Certificate Workshop led by John Snell, Level 3 IR
Dec 6 - 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Reliability managers and technicians should attend this course to learn more about infrared thermography. Whether you already own equipment, are “shopping around,” deciding to add the technology or just want to find out more, spending a day to learn about infrared will pay large returns.

Some of the topics John Snell will discuss include:
* why companies are using thermography
* what thermography will not do
* what equipment, new and old, can be used
* basic theory behind using the technology
* what are the primary applications and how do they work
* safety issues
* setting up a successful program
* personnel certification

Snell Infrared is independent of equipment sales ensuring you will get an honest, informed presentation with straight facts and no fluff. Time for questions and answers will also be available.

Attendees will leave with information that will enable them to decide whether or not this is a technology they should pursue. In addition, those who participate will develop a solid foundation for selecting equipment, a clear understanding of what the technology can and cannot accomplish and an outline of a path to success.

The workbook for this course consists of the presentation slides (in color) and several useful background articles.

IMC-2005 includes over 14 full day workshops, 50 short courses and learning zone sessions and over 100 solution providers.

Please call toll free (888) 575-1245 in the US or…

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October 19, 2005

Recent discussions at MaintenanceForums.com

Join the most active maintenance and reliability professional forum on the web. Here are some of the discussion taking place just this week:

• KPIs for general discussion
• HVAC Maintenance Practices… any benchmarking resources?
• Vibration Analysis vs. Motor Current Signature Analysis
• Proactively managing instrument calibration intervals
• Bearing grease in a dirty environment
• Motor grease life
• Lube point identification tags, tape or stickers
• Reference for air gap tolerances
• Higher Vibration Problem
• Low speed bearing vibration diagnostics
• What makes a thermographer?
• Infrared windows
• Priority Levels

MaintenanceForums.com is a Commercial Free Zone and Privacy is assured.

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October 19, 2005

Mastering Excellence in Machinery Lubrication

“Mastering Excellence in Machinery Lubrication”
December 6-9, 2005 - Tampa Florida

• Learn everything you need to build a world class machinery lubrication program for enhanced reliability

• Advance your professional standing by sitting for the Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) Exam by STLE and CMRP by SMRP

• Discover exciting new ideas and learn helpful techniques to jumpstart your machinery lubrication program

• Meet leading solution and service providers and test drive new products in the LubricationWorld expo

• Create your own learning agenda with 7 learning zone sessions, short courses, keynotes, case studies, breakout sessions and full day workshops.

• Learn how Lubrication Professionals just like you are creating results

• Visit over 100 new solution providers in the LubricationWorld Expo

• Network with your peers at the free receptions and hospitality night

• Test Drive Havoline’s NASCAR

• Opportunity to win an Alienware Laptop Computer

To register or to request a brochure, please call toll free (888) 575-1245 in the US or…

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October 19, 2005

Humor-Maintenance Managers Newsletter

From: Joel Levitt, President, Springfield Resources

I want to spend a few moments exploring some of the more elemental aspects of maintenance management life. There has been a tremendous amount of work done on human genetics. In fact in the last few years the entire Human Genome has been described. The effort took years and billions of computer steps.

All this research has been to good effect for we have solved the fundamental problem faced by managers of maintenance workers since the time of the pyramids. We finally have broken the mystery of what makes maintenance people tick. More…

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October 19, 2005

Managing Effective Oil Analysis – Realizing a Return on Your Investment

An iPresentation Tutorial by David Tingey,POLARIS Laboratories

Whether you’re just venturing into the world of oil analysis or you’ve been managing a program for years, this 10 minute iPresentation will give you a better understanding of what oil analysis is and the importance of doing it well. It will provide you with the knowledge and management tools necessary for setting attainable program goals, selecting the right testing from the right laboratory, taking good, timely samples and managing test data so that you can take decisive maintenance action.

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October 19, 2005

Balancing Solutions

LORD’s Balancing Systems are designed to correct unbalance in rotating machinery while in operation. The system is comprised of five parts: the balancer, actuator coil, sensors, controller and software. Unlike traditional “off-line” balancing techniques, which require the rotating asset to be stopped while corrections are made, LORD’s Balancers correct for unbalance while the rotating equipment is running.

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October 19, 2005

Understanding Resolution: A Guide for Thermographers

An iPresentation Tutorial by Mikron Infrared

Many thermographers or people who are considering getting into the technology find the issues of resolution very confusing. Specifications often use terminology we may not be familiar with; equipment suppliers may push us toward a product that we might not need, but how are we to know?! In this 12 minute iPresentation we will discuss the basics of resolution, help you understand how you can determine what your real needs are and give you some background on how to evaluate products in the market to see if they meet your needs.

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October 19, 2005

Contract Maintenance or not?

by Christer Idhammer, IDCON

With few exceptions, most mills I visit ask me what I think of contract, or outsourcing, of maintenance. In this month’s column I would like to elaborate on what kind of maintenance should or should not be contracted out and the reasons for choosing either option.

The better you manage the workload of your own resources, the less need you will have for contract maintenance. More…

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