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August 12, 2007

NutraSweet Awards GreenWood, Inc. Total Maintenance and Production Operations Services Contract

GreenWood, Inc. was recently awarded contract services work for The NutraSweet Company manufacturing plant located in Augusta, Georgia.  The scope of services that GreenWood will perform on an on-going basis includes total maintenance, production operations support and construction projects.  A team of 138 skilled workers, technicians, operators and support personnel began work in early July at the sweetner production plant.  The team is responsible for all maintenance which includes planning and scheduling, mechanical and predictive technologies.  On the operations side, GreenWood is supplying production services with material handling and operator assistance.

“GreenWood is known for their focus on safety and low injury rate which was a deciding factor in choosing them as our maintenance contractor,” says James C. Flynn, Senior Vice President of Operations.  “That’s key to us in knowing that safety will always be a priority.  This is evident by the reputation GreenWood has established by instilling their operating principles at all project levels and personalizing their approach to customer relationships.  We value that characteristic and welcome them to our Augusta facility.”

“The opportunity to work with NutraSweet is a privilege and we’re thrilled they have placed their confidence in GreenWood,” says John Wood, President and Chief Executive Officer of GreenWood.  “Building a long-term relationship with NutraSweet while delivering comprehensive maintenance and related services in the safest manner possible is our primary focus.  With the addition of NutraSweet, we have expanded our footprint in the Augusta, Georgia market to now include six customer project sites.  We’re very pleased to have a significant presence in that area working with great companies like NutraSweet.”

GreenWood provides integrated maintenance and construction solutions designed to extend the life of critical assets and deliver bottom line improvements for plants and facilities throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. We operate under a “Customer-Centered” philosophy where safety performance is always first and our flexibility to respond to customer needs is an ongoing priority. For more information, visit www.GreenWoodInc.com

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