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September 26, 2008   Mobius Institute Vibration Analysis Wall Chart

Diagnosing fault conditions is now easier with the new Mobius Institute diagnostic wall chart.  With understandable explanations, color graphics, and clear illustrations, help is just a glance away.  At the special introductory price of $57, this 23 x 35 inch full color poster covers everything from unbalance to gear tooth wear, with a special section on rolling element bearing fault diagnosis.

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September 26, 2008   Mikron Offers the Perfect Solution for Furnace and Boiler Sites Having Thermal Imaging Applications

Our innovative M7604 camera allows for standard maintenance thermal imaging inspections in the 8-14 micron long-wave mode, AND the mid-wave mode of 3.9 micron for imaging through flames within the same camera.  No other camera offers this feature, and with our high precision radiometric capabilities, it is the ultimate solution for all of your potential thermal imaging needs.

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September 26, 2008   Emerson Releases New Thermal Imager Offering Powerful Imaging at an Affordable Price

Choose Emerson’s CSI 9830 Machinery Health Imager for advanced imaging technology, market leading diagnostic detail, and unparalleled targeting accuracy even on long range scans. One simple drag and drop integrates in-camera route-based thermal images and analysis with your other Machinery Health technologies in AMS Suite: Machinery Health Management software.

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September 26, 2008   Inspired Training for Asset Health Assurance and Reliability Engineering

Allied Reliability’s training offering was born out of the realization that our customers and industry as a whole needed a better understanding of failure mode driven inspections, the financial impact of their successful delivery and more importantly, how to work together to produce even greater results.

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September 26, 2008   Wilcoxon High Output Accelerometer: 786-500

The new 786-500, from Wilcoxon Research, provides a high output broadband frequency response for multi-use applications

Low frequency applications – strong 500 mV/g output overcomes data collector noise

High speed applications – 5X the sensitivity for better detection of low level vibrations

Specifications for the 786-500
Superior broadband frequency response
+ 3dB: 0.2 Hz to 14 kHz
10%: 0.5 Hz to 9 kHz
5%: 0.7 Hz to 5 kHz
Acceleration range: 10 g
Tight sensitivity tolerance: 5%
Excellent broadband noise floor: 250 μg

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September 26, 2008   Infrared Sightglasses Offer Quadraband Multispectral Optic

Infrared Sightglasses offer Quadraband multispectral optic for infrared, visual, fusion & corona inspection of medium voltage switchgear.

Arc-Resistant infrared sightglasses from Hawk IR International are supplied with the CLIRVU™ II Quadrab and™ multispectral optic for maximum safety and inspection flexibility. This proprietary optic revolutionises medium & high voltage inspections by allowing not only infrared and visual inspections but also ultraviolet (corona) capability, used to detect insulation breakdown.

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September 19, 2008   CMMS bar code asset tags

For equipment tags used in CMMS applications, you can rely on Camcode’s highly durable anodized aluminum bar code asset tags.

The image is sealed below the surface of the label creating an impenetrable barrier to sunlight, water, salt, dirt, chemicals, solvents and temperatures up to 650° F. Teflon® treatments are added for applications that require resistance to paint. All of our labels have a 30-year life outdoors!

From condensate pumps to outdoor switchgear, Camcode bar code tags will last the life of your assets.

Camcode has provided CMMS bar code asset tags for companies using Maximo and other leading asset management solutions.

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September 19, 2008   Collect Motor Health Data Safely With MTAP3

The affordable MTAP3 offers the ability to safely capture data in many of the smallest enclosures where the MTAP2 cannot be installed. With the current-only MTAP3, you can choose from one of four standard ranges of CT’s.

In seconds you are able to collect accurate data to determine your motor health while eliminating time consuming tag-out and lock-out procedures.

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September 19, 2008   Vibration Basics module from SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute

The SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute (RMI) offers a comprehensive range of training courses designed to help plants eliminate machinery problems and achieve maximum reliability and productivity.

Try SKF RMI online today at no cost.

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September 19, 2008   Get the Reliable Protection of Electronic Vibration Switches at the Low Price of a Mechanical Switch

New cost-competitive Model 686B Smart Vibration Switch from IMI Sensors is USB programmable and features:

• Remote Reset Anywhere
• Alarm Delays
• AC/DC Powered
• 2-wire Operation
• Hazardous Area Operation

The Smart alternative to mechanical vibration switches!

IMI Sensors of division PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
Telephone: 1-800-959-4464

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