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July 28, 2006   Create Your Own Filter Cart Online in 10 Simple Steps

Des-Case’s new FlowGuard™ hand carts offers end users a chance to create their carts entirely on Des-Case’s website at a very affordable price. The design of the hand cart incorporates the cleaning and water-removing capability of dual filter media and the sealing capability of quick disconnects. Pairing it with FlowGuard quick connect adaptors makes oil handling even easier and cleaner.

Using the friendly web site guides your filter cart design in 10 easy steps

Step 1) Select flow rate and power source
Step 2) Select the drain connector
Step 3) Select the fill connector
Step 4) Select first filter for water or heavy contaminants
Step 5) Select second filter for finer results
Step 6) Select bypass valve option
Step 7) Select sample port option
Step 8) Select cord storage option
Step 9) Select pressure relief valve option
Step 10) Select the color of your choice

Getting the best filter cart for your applications allows you create superior results and maximizes the return on your investment.

For questions about filter carts or breathers please call Des Case +1.615.672.8800 or…

Learn more about Des-Case Filter Carts online today

July 28, 2006   Fluke Ti30™: Total Thermal Imaging Solution

For maintenance professionals protecting their valuable plant assets, The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager is a complete, affordable thermal imaging solution. The Ti30 Thermal Imager is the first high performance thermal imager specifically designed for predictive maintenance. Everything needed to implement or expand the scope and frequency of thermal imaging inspections is included.

The results are reduced maintenance costs, increased uptime, fewer quality problems, and improved safety.

The Fluke Ti30 imager is unique in its support of inspection routing for predictive maintenance. With the imager’s advanced InsideIR™ software, data and images can be downloaded to a PC for storage and analysis. InsideIR software also makes generating reports fast and easy.

The Ti30 imager is easy to learn and use. Just focus, pull the trigger, and save the image. The imager has a five-hour battery life and stores one hundred images—perfect for a full day of uninterrupted inspections.

With the Fluke Ti30, maintenance organizations benefit from low cost of ownership for a fully radiometric imager. The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager comes with all necessary accessories; storage, analysis and reporting software; and two days of professional thermography training* for one affordable price, truly making it a total thermal imaging solution.

*Two-day training in U.S. and Canada only. Training packages vary by country. Travel expenses are not included.

Request a free white paper, “Thermography and PdM: How to Maximize Your ROI”,

July 28, 2006   New Easy-Laser Intrinsically Safe Shaft Alignment System

The new Easy-Laser Extreme is an intrinsically safe ATEX-approved shaft alignment system for use in explosive environments. The Easy-Laser Extreme is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and classified according to IP67 standards.

The Easy-Laser Extreme is designed for use in the most demanding environments and programmed to handle any type of rotating machine applications.

Because of its rugged design we are able to offer an unprecedented 4 Year Warranty and (1) FREE Calibration in the first (2) year period.

Easy-Laser Extreme is developed under same conditions and philosophy as all Easy-Laser products. Easy-Laser products are reliable, flexible, and easy to use.

For more information call 800-997-4467 (USA and Canada) or…

Learn more online

July 28, 2006   Mikron Infrared's Safer and Faster Method of Inspecting Electrical Switchgear

Hotspots in electrical cabinets can be quickly pinpointed while circuits are energized and under load, using Mikron’s SpyGlass Lens and economical Viewports.

Raising the safety and convenience standard for thermal inspections, the SpyGlass Lens and Viewports encourage frequent examinations of electrical switchgear because – with cabinet doors closed – no downtime is required to de-energize circuits for safety reasons.

The Viewport is UL-rated and approved for installation at the OEM level or as a retrofit in the field. Suitable for both low-and high-voltage applications from 480 volts and up, it can be installed in 20 minutes or less on cabinets indoors or outdoors, in either vertical or horizontal positions.

The unique design of the Viewport uses only a 0.5” aperture, maintaining the integrity and safety rating of the cabinet, without the need for an IR transparent window or metal screen barrier which can skew thermal readings, or break--compromising safety. The Viewport never needs cleaning or replacement glass, and with the plastic-tipped SpyGlass lens, there is no “path to ground” through the camera, enhancing operator safety. With a focus range of 4” (10 cm) to 45” (114 cm) and large depth of field, the SpyGlass lens reduces the need to re-focus for different electrical cabinet depths.

The SpyGlass lens attaches to any Mikron model 7600-PRO - M7800 - M7500 and it will also work with the 7000 series cameras. Through September 30, 2006, purchase a Mikron 7600PRO camera and get a SpyGlass Lens for only $2500.00 (regular price $6800.00).

For more information about Mikron’s SpyGlass Lens and economical Viewports, call 1-888-506-3900 or…

Visit the SpyGlass Lens Web Page

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